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Our Tax Preparation, Consulting and Service Rates

Note: Prices on this page are for informational purposes only. Prices are subject to change and are per page unless otherwise noted. Contact us for a proper quote. The average individual return costs around $150.00 depending on the requirements. 

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(for states other than VA or MD, rate may be slightly higher, contact us for additional information)


1040 X Amended personal tax return $55.00
1040 individual tax return $85.00
Schedule A $15.00
Schedule B $15.00
Schedule C $35.00
Schedule D (9 Entries per page) AMT $12.00
Schedule D (9 Entries per page) $30.00
Schedule E per side $35.00
Schedule F $45.00
sale of your home $12.00
Schedule R $12.00
Schedule SE long and short $12.00
Form 1116 foreign tax credit $12.00
Form 2441 Child and dependent care expense $12.00
4797 sales of business property $20.00
4797 sales of business property AMT $12.00
6251 alternative minimum tax $12.00
ATM depreciation report $12.00
form 2555 foreign earned income $15.00
Schedule EPIC Earned income credit $12.00
Schedule H Household employment taxes $12.00
Form 8812 additional child credit $12.00
form 8606 Nondeductible IRA $12.00
Form 8863 Education credits $12.00
Form 4952 Investment interest deduction $12.00
Form 3468 Investment credit $12.00
form 2106 Employee business expense $15.00
Form 8283 Non cash charitable contributions $12.00
Form 3903 Moving expenses $12.00
Form 8829 Expenses for business use of home $12.00
Form 4562 Depreciation and amortization totals $12.00
Form 4562 depreciation and amortization $12.00
Form 8271 Invest reporting of a tax shelter number $12.00
Form6252 Installment sales income- Per event $15.00
Form 8582 Passive activity loss limitations $12.00
Form 8824 Like kind exchanges $30.00
Form 8834 qualified electric vehicle credit $12.00
Electronic filing                                                                                                                                                       $30.00
Electronic filing business/estate and trust                                                                                                              $37.50
State Returns
Virginia form 760 $35.00
Virginia form 763 non resident $35.00
Virginia form 760py part year resident $40.00
Maryland 502 $35.00
Maryland 502x amended return $35.00
Maryland 505 non resident $35.00
Form502dm decoupling modification $12.00
Other states     add $30 - $50


1120 and 1120s US corporation returns

The forms and schedules for the corporations cost the same as the individual returns. Most other forms and schedules specific to corporations are $12.00 each.
Consolidated returns vary on the number of subsidiary corporations involved and are priced accordingly.

State corporations vary on the state, Virginia for example is $135.00 and Maryland is $135.00
Estate and fiduciary and US Gifts Tax returns

The forms and schedules for the Estates and Fiduciary and US Gift tax returns cost the same as the individual returns. State returns vary by the state.
Partnerships (LLC'S)

The forms and schedules for the Partnerships (LLC's) cost the same as the individual returns. State returns vary by the state.
Exempt organizations

The forms and schedules for the Exempt organizations cost the same as the individual returns.

General services $50.00/hr
Payroll services: Includes pay period tracking, the keeping of payroll records, quarterly 941 statements and year end 940, W-2/W-3 and or 1099.
Federal per person per month $15.00
State per person per month $6.00
Client write up: Includes financial statements, Balance sheets, Revenues and expenses, fund balances if needed. $595.00
Consulting Services

Small business startups including sole proprietorships, Corporations both C and S.

Call Shapiro Tax Consultant Today For Business Tax Services

For fast service on your business tax requirements, call (410) 549-2378 today or Contact Us Online for quick answers to your questions, to schedule an appointment or for additional information on emailing, mailing or faxing your information.

Maryland Office:

Shapiro Tax Consultant
118 Lakewood Dr.
Sykesville, MD 21784
410-549-2379 (fax)



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